A Brief Return

We are back from vacation and feeling ready to take on the world.  Actually, now that I think about it, we took on the world while we were on vacation–Disney World.  Last week we went to Orlando, got a cheep room, brought our own food, and used the Disney passes that my grandmother got for us making it the least expensive vacation in the history of the world (which to me is synonomous with the best vacation).  It really was a good time for use to spend together, and a much needed break after a long semester.  I had intended to post a couple of pictures this morning but I forgot to download them from my camera.  So, just imagine three of the happiest people in the world sweating together at Disney. 

This week I hope to post at least one book review from a book that I read while we were out of town.   I would like to post reviews for both of the books that I read (one was really good), but I am not sure that I will have time this week.  On Sunday we leave for youth camp so things are a little busy this week.  So look for some activity this week and a light week next week.