Upcoming Study

Beginning the week after Easter I will be teaching through the book of Mark with our youth group. As I proceed through this study in the book of Mark I will also be posting quite a few of my notes, thoughts, and sermons from Mark here on the blog.  In preparation for this study I have been doing quite a bit of reading on the book of Mark, and I have been listening to as many sermons as I can on the book of Mark.  I have found two particular sermons series that have been quite helpful to me and I wanted to let you know about them.

  • First, Pastor Scott Christmas has been teaching through the book of Mark on Wednesday nights at Grace Community Church in Jacksonville, FL.  Dr. Christmas is one of my professors at The Expositors Seminary, and he is a great preacher.  His study in Mark has been excellent up to this point; my only concern is that I will be tempted to steal his sermons.  You can download sermons from this series for free HERE
  • Second, Pastor Brian Borgman of Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada has a series on Mark that is available for free HERE.  Right now I have not listened to many of these sermons, however what I have heard have all been good. 

I hope that you will take the time to listen to some of these sermons so that you can benefit from them as I have.  Even if you do not listen to these I hope that you are redeeming to time by listening to good sermons in your car, on your cp, and on your ipod (especially you ipod owners).