Back in the Saddle

I am finally back home from the Shepherd’s Conference, and I am trying to dig myself out of the messages, e-mails, and cheklists that have greated me.  But it is all worth it.  The conference was an amazing time of fellowship, an opportunity to hear some of the world’s best preachers, and a great boost for my library.  I came home from with the conference with 32 books, and I only paid for three of them out of my own pocket!  

I am very appreciative that my church sent me out to the conference, and I know that I have a great responsibility to come home and minister to the church with what I was so richly fed this past week. I don’t think that the audio for the conference has been made available yet.  But when it is there are three sermons that you will want to purchase and listen to:

  • General Session 3 (John MacArthur) – in this sermon MacArthur turns the widow’s offering (Luke 21) on its head and applies a much needed principle to today’s church
  • General Session 4 (Rick Holland) – in this sermon Holland looks at the sin of Nabad and Abihu (Lev 10) and makes several stirring applications on the dangers of becoming to familiar with God (I think that this was the best sermon of the entire week)
  • General Session 9 (John MacArthur) – in this sermon MacArthur preached what will be the first chapter in the Anniversary Edition of The Gospel According to Jesus

I will try and let you know when the audio will become available, but right now I belive that the video is available HERE (although it will take a really long time to download).



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