An Update from Kenya

Here is the latest update that I have received from my friend Travis who is a missionary in Kenya:

Hello to all,
  I just wanted to give you an update on the current situation. This morning as i woke up and went out my door i saw my 5th and final worker standing there, he had made it. I wanted to cry and hug him but we did the normal Kenyan hand shake and went on to hear his stories. It is great to have him back and that he made it safely. Over the last month he has slept many nights in the bushes and not at normal times. Most of the times it was naps from 2-4 am. He was taken out of his house one time and forced to go and fight. He was given a bow and arrows but he said i just shot at peoples feet i did not kill anyone. He also said that he was always looking for a way to run and hide in the bushes while going to fight. Luckily he said ” I was not forced to burn any houses” . His name is ****  and he was in Nakuru, where his family is still staying. It was so expensive for him to get here he did not have enough for everyone. The good news is they are not hurting women and children. Things in the past couple of days have settled down in Nakuru , his children went back to school monday. He looked a little skinny and famished but very relieved to be here. On his trip here he said there were places he wondered if he would be drug out of the bus and killed but the Lord protected him.

All of my guys have there stories. Another one named ******* had to walk 4 hours through the forest to get to a safe place to get a ride back to here. He made it and is happy to be back as well. He to was taken and forced to fight. He said they would come and say why are you sitting here while your tribe is fighting , you come and fight or you will die.

As for us we made a trip into Nairobi Tuesday morning and planned to be there a week. We had some dear friends who were coming to see us Friday the 1st and my dad was leaving monday the 4th. Our dear friends have had to cancel with security being how it is currently and my dad had to leave us a week early. We came back the next day with enough food to last us 3 months. While shopping for the food Laura and Almi ( Wife of our partner missionaries) along with my dad were locked inside the food store as rival gangs met right in front of the store with shovels and long boards. Jon and I were trying to get money about 8 miles away . While sitting there we were hearing gun shots right across the road in the slums.

We are very thankful to have made it back to the Mara it is very peaceful here and i am planning on having a goat roast tomorrow to celebrate the return of all my guys.This will be fun. Pray for my guys who i love dearly as some of my best friends and pray for there families and that the Lord will watch over them and protect them.
  Pray for Kenya there is a lot of dis-placed people and a lot who have lost what little they might have had. Pray for us as we minister to those around us in this healing process. We thank you all who pray for us and who give to us so generously.
  In Christ,

This is definitely a matter that we can continue to be praying for.


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