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Speaking on the issue of Pastoral giftedness Brian Borgman had this to say:

A natural and conferred ability to be received as a meseenger of God without torturing the discernment of the true people of God. On numerous occasions, in homiletics classes and church services, many have been tested by the well meaning, even zealous man (usually young), who ‘preaches’ his heart out. Everything from the organization, to the flow, to the grammar, to the actual speech patterns have tested the patience of the listeners. One of the indispensible elements of sanctified utterance is the ability to speak in such in such a way that the people of God are not tempted to lie when one asks them how he did.

Brian Borgman
My Heart for thy Cause
(pg. 49)



  1. Sounds like a very wise young man. One that a mother is proud of for following his calling at such a young age. I have been listening to Pastor Brian Borgman since he first made the commitment to go into the ministry and I never get tired of listening to what God inspires him to preach about. I enjoy listening to the tone of his voice and the smooth delivery of God’s word.

    We need more ministers with Pastor Borgmans passion for God’s people and His word.

    Brian’s mother

  2. This may be a first; I don’t think that we have ever had an author’s mother stop in to comment on her son before (except of course for my mom). Thanks for stopping by, and I think that you are right about the need for more men like your son.

    Next time you speak with your son you can tell him that there is at least one young man in Brandon Florida who has been deeply impacted by his writing.

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