Update on Kenya Missionaries

You may remember that I posted an e-mail that I received from a missionary friend in Kenya asking for prayer due to political strife in the country. Well, I have a new update from him. Here is the latest from Travis:

Hello Everyone,
 I want to thank you all for your responses and your prayers from the last email. We are doing well and it continues to be peaceful were we live here in the Mara. Kenya as you may be reading is better and becoming more peaceful, however please continue to pray for the nation. As of now the opposition party is planning another protest march for Wed, Thur, and Friday in 25 different towns one of those that is close to us , Narok. My dad was able to come. He landed in Nairobi , I had a taxi meet him , take him to a secure place to stay that night and then the next morning he flew out on a small plane to a nearby airstrip inside the park. He is doing well and we are getting alot accomplished. We have put up the solar panel rack and that is very nice. As far as food and supplies we are doing well . We were able to go into our little town here and find the normal staples sugar, flour, etc.. Now in our little town the people are starting to struggle a little because there are no tourist coming in and they depend on tourist for money. We hope to try and buy sand and gravel from them. This is something the kids and women do , they make gravel and dig sand. Since it takes these 2 elements for us to build, this will really help them at this time. So far in our little town the only trouble that has happened is the Maasai saying they were bringing in the warriors to clean out what Kikuyu tribe we have living here only 30 or 40 people. That did not go through and we are happy for it. One of my guys is Kikuyu. Continue to pray for him and his wife and their little boy. His name is Francis her name is Njeri. They are good friends and fellow Christians. Thank you all once again.
  In Christ,