How Should We View the World?

This is an outline that I did on the subject of Worldview. I am not sure if this outline will be helpful in this format, but how you view the world is pretty important.  


What is it?

        -Answers life’s Basic questions.

        -everyone has one.

Basic questions of life

        -the question of God

                a. non-biblical god
                b. No God
                c. the biblical god

        -ultimate reality


                a. How do we know anything?
                b. Do we know only what we experience?
                c. do we know only through reason?
                d. do we know anything through faith?


                a. Relative ethics
                b. Transcendent

Examples of world view effects

        -Like looking thorugh a pair of colored lenses.

        -functions like a road map, it help navigate through life.

        -like a connect-the-dot- puzzle.

Test for world views

        -test of reason

        -outer experience

        -inner experience


        -Law of “non-contradictions”

Logical self-defeating world views






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