Brandon Biblical Theology Conf.

Yesterday was the first day of the Brandon Biblical Theology Conference. What a blessing it was to fellowship with brothers from as far away as Colorado.  Additionally, we had to the opportunity to sit under some excellent teaching from Chris Pixley & Dan Hayden.  I have no intention of “live-blogging” any part of this conference, however I think that Chris made some excellent points that need to be pointed out.  Chris gave 5 different areas of the Christian faith that are under attack from the relativistic, Post-Modern culture that we live in (the main headings come directly from the message and the additional comments are my own thoughts).

  1. The Doctrine of ScriptureIf everything is relative then how can God’s word be authoritative?
  2. The Concept of GodIf the Bible is unclear – meaning that we cannot be dogmatic about what it says b/c we do not know what it says – then God has failed in revealing His Word.
  3. HermeneuticsHermeneutic is the science of interpretation, and if truth is relative then there is no objective interpretation.
  4. Preaching If we cannot understand the Bible to be true then we cannot communicate the truth.
  5. SanctificationHow can the Bible change our lives if it is not objectively true?