Sec 310 Row Q Seat 9

hat-001-320x200.jpgLast Saturday night I decided that I was going to ditch the books and go catch one last ball game with my brother before the season ends.  The trip could have doubled for a roller coaster ride.  We went and got chili dogs and fries, but the Red Sox were blowing out the Rays.  Things were getting a little annoying as we sat and listened to some slack-jawed yokel in a Red Sox hat chanting incesintly for what seemed like hours (thank goodness he didn’t start singing about Caroline).  About that time something happened that has never happened to me before; I won an autographed Carl Crawford hat in a drawing.  They called my ticket number and then every one starting giving me high fives.  On top of that Carlos Pena hit a monster Home Run that sent the BoSox fans packing.  My brother and I were having quite a bit of fun at that point, most of which was at the expense of the Sox fans. 

Unfortunately it was too good to last.  The Rays blew it – if that was a surprise ending to you then you just haven’t been paying attention – and the only comfort I had was my new hat (this didn’t seem to soften the blow for my brother).  I am not sure what I am going to do with my new hat, but at this point I am having fun just talking about my hat. 



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