Some Thoughts on Scripture

This week I have been preparing to teach on the topic of Scripture. I have been working hard to try and capsulize some key thoughts in a simple, but comprehensive way.  I have done this by formulating two one sentence summaries of the Bible. I find that simplifying things down can  help me to organize my thoughts.  Before I give you mine I want to encourage you to try this exercise on your own.  Ask yourself what the Bible is all about, and why did God reveal it to us.  

Here is what I have come up with:

All of Scripture is moving towards, explaining, or reminding its readers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Notice the difference between the three categories “moving towards, explaining, or reminding.”  Not ever passage in the Bible explicitly teaches us about Jesus, however every passage in the Bible fits within the Gospel as a whole.  

Here is my second sentence:

The Bible is all about the glory of God revealed through the unfolding of the Gospel.

I know that these sentences are less than profound.  But the discipline of thinking through this issue and boiling it down helped me to formulate and organize my own opinions on the issue.