A Christian Worldview Defined

The term “Christian Worldview” is thrown around a lot in today’s world.  I fear that there are a lot of Christians who do not know what to think of this term, and so they do not think in these terms.  However, a “Christian Worldview” is simply how a Christian is to view the world.  I would add that a Christian Worldview must be shaped by the teaching of Scripture. 

In his systematic theology, Christian Theology, Millard Erickson has a great paragraph that defines a biblical Christian Worldview:

The Bible quite clearly affirms a theistic and, specifically, a monotheistic understanding of reality.  The supreme reality is a personal, all-powerful, all-knowing, loving, and holy being – God.  He has created everything else that is, not by an emanation from his being, but by bringing it all into existence without the use of preexisting materials.  Thus the Christian metaphysic is a dualism in which there are two types or levels of reality, the supernatural and the natural, a dualism in which all that is not Gos has received its existence from him.  God preserves in existence the whole creation and is in control of all that happens as history moves to the fulfilment of his purpose.  Everything is dependent upon him.  Man, the highest of God’s creatures, is, like him, personal, and hence capable of having social relationships with other humans and with God.  Nature is not merely a neutral given.  It is under God’s control; and while it ordinarily functions in uniform and predictable ways in obedience to the laws he has structured into it, he can and does also act within it in ways which contravene these normal patterns (miracles).                                                                                                          Pg. 54

I know that this paragraph is filled with “theology talk.”  But, if you can discipline yourself to work through the difficult language it will help you to better understand the world that you live in, and the God who controls the world that you live in.