It is official

After what seems like quite a long wait I will be beginning seminary in 3 weeks. I received this letter last Friday making it official:

Dear Paul,

It is my pleasure to inform you officially of your acceptance to The Expositors Seminary. We are praying that the time you are with us will be profitable for your growth and development, the good of the people to whom you are called to serve, and ultimately for the glory of our great God.

The rigors of our curriculum will test your commitment to become the kind of shepherd-teacher who sacrificially leads and faithfully feeds God’s flock with the meat of His Word. Great is the discipline required to gain proficiency in the biblical languages along with a working knowledge of the other vital courses that you will be taking. However, even greater are the sufficiencies available to all of us in Christ our Lord. He is also your Source of the wisdom and discipline that it will take to balance the priority of your studies with the other priorities for which you are accountable before Him.

Be assured, all of us at The Expositors Seminary, as dependent instruments in God’s hand, will strive to assist you in persevering well in this formative chapter of your life. We are praying that you will become a sharper and more effective tool as you serve Christ in the glory of His Gospel.

In the bond of His great grace,
George J. Zemek
Academic Dean

You have probably never heard of The Expositors Seminary since this will be its first year in existence. If you would like to learn more about TES you can go HERE.



  1. Knew you could do it!
    Lots of hard work and long nights ahead but I am confident that with your committment to God’s word, Elyse’s committment to your calling, along with prayers from your family and friends, you will persevere for His glory.

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