New Blog

Over the weekend I found a very interesting blog entitled The Shepherd’s Scrapbook.   There are all kinds of interesting articles, book reviews, and even a lot of really great audio!  Here is “auto-bio” of The Shepherd’s Scrapbook author:

Personally my name is Tony Reinke but you can call me “chief of sinners.” I once was an enemy of God who hid from Him in 22-years of self-righteous religion until I was subdued by God’s sovereign grace (Eph. 2). Now, religion is dead to me and nothing is more precious than the knowledge of the Cross — of the God who died for me to give me His righteousness in place of my sinfulness (Phil. 3:7-9). I love that my purpose-driven Creator sovereignly designed me for His pleasure (Rom. 9:14-24).

On top of directing The Shepherd’s Scrapbook blog I also direct Take Up and Read, a website of weekly book reviews for I am a carpenter, photographer, reader and preacher in my free time but graphic artwork and retail blogging pay the bills (God is gracious to give me such fun work!). Recently my family and I moved from Omaha, NE to Minneapolis to pursue humility and ministry training with our friends at Sovereign Grace Fellowship (a church of Sovereign Grace Ministries).

In the words of Tony Reinke The Shepherd’s Scrapbook is “a blog serving sinners who seek their daily food in the Cross of Christ.” That being the case it will be a great blog for you to check out.