Prank Hall of Fame

I want to begin this post by saying that in no way do I condone the prank that you are about to read about.  Furthermore, if one of my youth group members did something like this I would not bail them out of jail.  OK, now that we have the formalities out of the way…

I don’t think there is a prank hall of fame, but if there were I know of a 17 year old boy who would be writing his induction speech right now.  Here is the story:

Engine 7 was found Monday morning – miles from its home – stuck in sand at a construction site on photo_servlet.jpgCauseway Boulevard. On Saturday, fire officials say, a person who identified themselves as an employee of the company that makes fire trucks called Fire Station 7 in Brandon and asked that the reserve truck be left outside for pickup for a warranty repair. A little while later, a 911 call came in, and the Station 7 staff went out in response.
When they came back, the truck was gone, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until the truck was found Monday that anyone started asking questions. Investigators say the teen had visited the department many times and was familiar with procedures. They figured out he was responsible by tracing the 911 call. The truck is worth about a half million dollars. It was not damaged. Investigators say fire trucks don’t have ignition keys. It was left unlocked because firefighters thought it was being picked up for service – and the teen apparently knew how to drive it.
The department is now reviewing its security procedures. The teen faces theft charges.

I am pretty sure the guys at station 7 are going to here about this one for quite some time. I would not be surprised at all is someone from General Motors calls toady and asks them to leave their own cars outside for a warranty repair.


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