D-Day + Aprox. 23,016

Today is 06/06 which means that it is anniversary of D-Day. On this date 1944 the Allied Forces took part in the largest amphibious operation in military history. The Allied Forces landed in Normandy on the Northern coast of France. This was possibly the most important battle in the whole war (see also the Battle of the Bulge).What makes today particularly important to me is the fact that my Great Grandfather, A.W. Whidden, was there on that day. I do not know a lot about his experience there, he didn’t speak much of it. What I do know is that he was ready to make the ultimate temporal sacrifice for his country.The history of this battle is of great interest. Eisenhower, and the Allied leadership, had originally planned an earlier date for the invasion. The weather through a monkey wrench in those plans! Finally, on June 6th 1944 the weather permited (barely) an invasion. On the word of Eisenhower an armada of 3,000 landing craft, 2,500 other ships, and 500 naval vessels—escorts and bombardment ships—began to leave English ports. That night 822 aircraft, carrying parachutists or towing gliders, roared overhead to the Normandy landing zones. They were a fraction of the air armada of 13,000 aircraft that would support D-Day.On this day alone over 2,000 men lost their lives in a heroic fashion. What is sad to me is that I am certain that many of these men were were not followers of Christ. It is with this thought that I encourage you to use this day to remember those who made it possible to live the life you live in this country, as well as to pray for the men who are currently serving this country.Just last week my parents along with my siblings had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C.   This was a special visit for them because it was the first opporunity for the to see the WWII memorial.  My mom blogged about this trip HERE.  Here is was she said abou there visit to the WWII memorial:

As we stood at the WWII Memorial and thought about all that Granddady had done because of his love of country it was hard not to cry. Granddaddy never was able to see this memorial come to completion, but he knew of its possibilities and donated money for it to be built. We took his dogtags and laid them on the column that represented the state of FL. Granddaddy wasn’t there, and he probably was too busy worshipping at the feet of God to notice. But it certainly meant so much to us to be able to remember him, and his precious life.