Isn’t Baseball Great?!

If you have not seen Phil Wellman’s (AA Mississippi Braves manager) total meltdown down yet then you have to watch this. If you have, then you know you want to see it again. I think there are maybe only four possibilities here. 1) Wellman needs a psych  eval. 2) Wellman lost a really big bet. 3) Some genius in public relations set this all up with Wellman and the Umpires.  4) The beer man went by Wellman’s seat one too many times (my guess is the third). Come on, you don’t just army crawl around the infield because over balls and strikes. What do you think? 

By the way, Tim Ellsworth is trying to figure out who had the bigger meltdown Wellman, or Piniella.  You can watch both, and vote HERE.