Digging Out

Memorial Day weekend is always a jam packed weekend for my family. Every year we have our youth car wash, youth BBQ, and youth promotions on this week. Which means by the time Mondays rolls around I am more than ready for the day off. The problem is that everything that I would have done on Monday joins up with everything that I am supposed to do on Tuesday to make for one long day. As expected I arrived early this morning to find materials from the car wash on my desk, and then a few last things to be put away in the kitchen from the car wash. I say all of this to let you know that I am digging out of a proverbial hole today, and consequently the material here on COCT will be somewhat light. However here are a few random thoughts that you just might find interesting:

  • THIS is what I was doing last year the week of Memorial day.
  • THIS is what I watched this weekend and I really enjoyed it.  It was clean, funny, and just a fun movie.
  • THIS is one of the best sermons I have ever heard.
  • THIS is almost unbelievable.
  • THIS is making by blood pressure go through the roof.

Tomorrow we will pick up where we left off in our look at the Westminster Confession of Faith.


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