Book Review: Did God Write the Bible?

Did God Write the Bible?
by Dan Hayden

Have you ever wondered how the Bible that we have today came into existence? It did not just appear out of thin air. So where did it come from? Who is its author? Is it even worth reading? These are the questions that Dan Hayden deals with in his brand new book Did God Write the Bible?

I would highly suggest this book to anyone who has ever wondered about the historicity and authenticity of the Bible. Questions about the Bible are not always easy to answer but in this book Hayden has provided his readers with a resource to deal with hard questions. Hayden carefully works through the doctrine of Bibliology (the doctrine of the Bible) in such a way so as to make it understandable to anyone. As Hayden says,

Many other books have been written from a Christian perspective in defense of the Bible as Holy Scripture. But here I ask the hard questions and attempt to answer them as if we were having a personal discussion. I walk through the issues – not merely assuming a point that has to be proved. After all, if there is such a thing as truth, it ought to withstand and scrutiny. And if indeed the Bible is “the Truth,” as it claims, our sincere questions and close examination can only validate its claim.