My Rebecca

I have recently taken some heat from one of the readers (Read Beth Lewis) for not posting becca-at-the-park-320×200.jpgpictures of my Rebecca. So in a spirit of appeasement here is a great picture of Rebecca at the park with her D-Rays hat. Maybe latter this week I will post some pictures from Rebecca’s first regular season big league baseball game. 

And while I am on the subject (Never start a dad talking about his baby!)…

Our Rebecca is now 7 1/2 months old.  It has been amazing to see her personality shining through, and to see her develop so quickly in so many ways.  Over the last month it has been crawling.  About three weeks ago Rebecca mastered crawling and she was off to the races.  Through this development we have learned a lot about Rebecca.  We have seen that Rebecca is a very curious little girl.  She loves to explore new things!  We have also learned that she is a very tuff little girl.  Often times exploration comes at a price, and she is willing to pay with a bump on her heard without even the first tear.  As I watch Rebecca scoot around the floor I cannot help but thing that she is going to be very independent as she gets olderrebecca-crawling-320×200.jpg.  Thankfully, along with her independence, she is also very receptive to discipline.  Maybe its just that I am a first time dad, however I have been amazed to see how Rebecca has responded to just a small amount of discipline.  She has learned the meaning of the dreaded N-O, and she usually responds obediently.

As I think about my little one I am usually moved to prayer.  In fact, I have prayed more since Rebecca has been born than I ever did before (for everything not just Rebecca).  My primary prayer for Rebecca (and my little sister Grace) is that God would call them into His family.  We are so blessed to have this little girl be a part of our family, but we would trade that in a minute so that she could be saved by God.  Thankfully, we do not have to make that trade!  Thankfully, Christ has made salvation possible.  Thus we are praying that God would save Rebecca, and that He would be glorified by her life.       


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