Jerry Falwell Dead at 73

Yesterday the Church lost a distinguished ambassador.  As I am sure you know the Rev. Jerry Falwell died yesterday at the age of 73.  If you have been reading this blog for any period of time you probably know that I disagreed with Rev. Falwell on many theological issues, however as I look back on his life I am left to marvel at the work God did through his life.  A lot of people are saying a lot of negative things about Falwell right now.  If you watch the ABC report you would think that Falwell was a Nazi, and I am sure that there are even people claiming to be a part of the church who will have hateful things to say.  But as one reflects on the life of Jerry Falwell it has to be said that thousands of people worship and love Jesus because God used his ministry.  

Let us pray for the Falwell family, and let us pray for this country of ours that hates a man who would stand for biblical convictions.