Jude Material

 Not too long ago I posted on the steps that I take in my sermon preparation.  These posts have become some of the most popular I have ever done, and I still get e-mails asking for more outlines.  I have not been very good at posting my new material up to this point, but here is what I have so far from the book of Jude (these are .doc files that were created in Word but you should be able to open them in Works are some other programs).  As you look at the notes I will warn you ahead of time that there will be typos (I use a pen scanner to scan notes from commentaries).  Additionally, I would not agree with all of the notes.  They are simply what some of the relevant commentators have written on the verses.

Jude 1-2

  1. analytical-outline.doc
  2. homiletical-outline.doccupofcoffee-logo.JPG
  3. notes.doc

Jude 3-4

  1. analytical-outline.doc
  2. homiletical-outline.doc
  3. notes.doc

For the Greek Student (.pdf files):

  1. diagramming-vv-1-2.pdf
  2. diagramming-vv-3-4.pdf