Book Review: Global Warning

Global Warning:
Third Millennium Threats to Jesus’ Great Commission Mandate

by Norman Mackay

global-warning.jpg Global Warning Norman Mackay deals with the subject of missions. Specifically MacKay deals with missions on three different levels. First, Mackay deals with the topic of missions from a global view point. He goes to great lengths to highlight the great strides that that church has made over the last century. It is very easy to look around at the cultural woes of our own society and forget about the work that God is accomplishing through His church. I found this section of Mackay book to be very encouraging. Specifically it encouraged me to have the perspective of what Mackay refers to as a “World Christian.” Secondly, Mackay deals with great deceptions that are attacking the work of missions. Specifically Mackay addresses “religious pluralism,” “ecumenism,” “the wideness view of God’s mercy,” and “the attack on the doctrine of eternal punishment.” Mackay aptly describes these fallacies and correctly marks them as detrimental to the work of missions. The Final section of the book deals with proper response to the fallacies described above. This last section is a useful apology for the work of missions. The only unfortunate thing is that an apology is needed!

Overall this book is a very helpful book on the topic of missions. Mackay deals with practical issues, and he interacts with academic attacks on the great commission. Although there were several chapters that were a bit unorganized (i.e. incomplete outlines), overall the book is a very helpful book. After read the book I can see why John MacArthur gave such a glowing endorsement for the book. Here is what he had to say:

“Here is a clear and incisive analysis of several obstacles facing today’s church as we seek to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission. Global Warning is a soul-stirring wake up call for Christians living in a self-absorbed age. It will rekindle your heart with a passion for world evangelization.”