Play Ball!!!

Opening Day for MLB is finally here. We made it through the winter meetings; we introduced ourselves to the teams in Spring Training; and now it is time to start the season. Opening day has long been a holiday in my family. Just last night we were all talking about the most memorable opening day that we could think of. Although the official votes have not been re-counted I think that we can safely say that my Mom trumped us all. What was here most memorable opening day you ask? Opening Day, 1983, the day that I was born. 

There are few things as enjoyable as gathering together with the family to watch those first afternoon games of the year. The optimism and the unknown of the season to come is always exciting (I added the unknown for all of my fellow D-rebeccas-first-baseball-game-029-320×200.jpgRays fans.). Here is some advice (whether you want it or not): sit down and watch a game with your family. You don’t need to like baseball or even know anything about it, just sit down pick a team to root for and watch the game. The great thing about baseball is that the game will take care of the rest. I guarantee that something will happen in a game today that you have never seen before. And unlike many other sport baseball is a game of “fellowship.” There is always time in between pitches to talk strategy, or anything else that you want to. So sit back and enjoy the 2007 season.Go D-Rays