What do you think?

I received an advertisement for this in the mail this week. I would be very interested to know that you think about it. Here is the link to the church website.

The Bible

Beginning Easter Sunday, April 8, Pastor Forrest Pollock will take you through a world of amazing feats and facts that stretch the limits of imagination.

Can a corpse really walk?

Can an animal really speak?

Can time really stand still?

Step right up and be amazed as we unveil the strange, the fantastic and the bizarre from the pages of the Bible.

Join us at either campus of Bell Shoals Baptist Church.  Believe it or not!



  1. I was actually saddened by this advertisement when I received it. I feel that it sensationalizes and trivializes God’s word. I understand that he wants to reach the masses…but what exactly is he teaching those who need to hear all of God’s Word.

  2. It’s trying to be creative, no sin there, and by no means trivializes God’s word, but spotlights it. It might get some people to sit up and pay attention, when most of time they wouldn’t give a rip. It is a biblical example to use culturally relevant ideas to get your foot in the door to share the Gospel.

  3. If they don’t “give a rip” then they are not ready to accept Jesus.
    Only the Holy Spirit can truly bring them to Jesus, suggesting otherwise is blasphemous.
    Remember that even Jesus quietly walked away from people who were not ready to listen…He didn’t jump up and down and make a scene to get their attention.

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