Who let her in here?

Albert Mohler wrote a great article summing up Ann Coulter’s foolishness, and Tim Ellsworth has already pointed this article out. I do not want to steal either of their posts, but I do want to point out something that has be baffled. Last weekend D. James Kennedy’s Church held a conference called Reclaiming Christ for America (all you Baptists it is a post-mill thing). Anyway, one of the Keynote speakers was none other than the aforementioned Ann Coulter. This is just amazing to me that someone like D. James Kennedy would let someone like Ann Coulter into his church to speak to his people. Based on Coulter’s fruit it looks more like she needs to submit to Jesus, than to tell church goers how to reclaim their country for Jesus.  It is amazing the people that the Church wants to make friends with to further what I see as a political agenda (all you Presbyterians it is a pre-mill thing).  That is enough said on that issue, follow the links and see what you think.