New Series

I have been thinking a lot about blogging lately.  I began bloggin with the goal of improving my writing skills, and interacting with various theological and cultural issues.  I have had a lot of fun, and I am still blogging with these goals in mind.  During the life of COCT I have seen my readership increase by quite a bit.  This has been extremely encouraging to me, and it has forced me more and more to think of you the readers as I blog.  With this in mind I have been working on ways to encourage my readers in the study of God’s Word.  One of the ways I plan on doing this is through short posts that present more questions than solution.  Hopefully this will encourage the readers of COCT to get into God’s word to find answers. 

Additionaly,  I want to post step by step my sermon preparation on the blog. The problem is that this would not be profitable for all my readers. Much of the work that has to be done, especially early in the process, is all in Greek. I am worried that a series such as this would be either frustrating or useless to the majority of my readers. However, despite these concerns I think that it is worth trying. I plan on posting a different step in the process every day. During a few of the early steps, that involve a lot of Greek, I hope to be able to integrate some English helps into the process for those who do not know Greek. Hopefully this serious of posts will be an encouragement to for all to use whatever tools they have available to study God’s Word as comprehensively as possible.  Look for this series to begin in the coming days.