Saturday Night Special

This past Saturday, around 11:30 a.m., I got the call that no one wants to get. When I answered the phone I could barely make out the raspy voice of our Pastor of Preacher here at GBCB and I knew what that meant. I had about 23 hrs to prepare to preach the next morning. Now for some that might not be a big deal, but I had only preached on Sunday morning one other time before. I quickly packed up my gear and went into the office, and spent the rest of Saturday trying to be ready “in season, and out of season.” All went as well as can be expected, and I did not commit heresy (this is always a plus). You can hear the audio from last Sunday here. I would love to get your input (and if it is really bad send me an e-mail instead of leving a comment).



  1. You did a phenomenal job on your sermon!!! I never would’ve guessed that you prepared it in such a short amount of time!!!

  2. I totally agree with Alisha! You did an excellent job on your sermon!! You presented it in a way that was very understandable, but not babyish or anything like that. The applications were also very good because you delivered them in such a way that everyone could get something out of them…regardless of age. Great job!!

  3. Paul,

    I had the pleasure of listening to your sermon this morning. It was wonderful. I so wish Jason and I had known you were preaching – we would have loved to be there in person for such a special event.
    The sermon certainly made me stop and focus on where my priorities in life lay. It is so easy to unconsciously get wrapped up in a lifestyle of wanting more, to keep up with the Jones; and your message helped remind me that our focus needs to be on our Lord, and to give thanks for all things He has provided.
    Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I did not give you guys a call b/c I knew that you had a lot on your plates getting ready for the open house, and I did not want you to feel obligated. But thanks for listening to it on-line, I appreciate that.

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