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Over the last year and a half I have been using the Logos Boble software for my personal Bible study, sermon prep., and digital library. I have been almost %100 satisfied with the prodcut that they put out, and I am constantly amazed at the upgrades and downloads that they make available to their customers for free. They are constantly working to improve their product and move it forward. Here is a cool e-mail that I received from Logos on that subject:

Isaiah 40:8 speaks volumes. It conveys more depth and richness of content in fifteen short words than some authors get across in their entire collected life’s works.This powerful declaration reminds us why we are here at Logos. We believe in this verse with all our hearts, and want to do everything in our power to make sure that during our brief time on this earth, we do as much as we are able to advance the study of God’s Word.

You have probably heard the story behind the founding of Logos Bible Software before: A couple of young Microsoft programmers with their entire careers of high-pay and lucrative Microsoft stock options ahead of them, dropped everything to join a partner and risk it all on pursuing their dream.

They weren’t satisfied with using their skills to help businessmen have access to the latest and greatest in technology just so they could be more productive or do better in business…

They wanted more.

They wanted to use those same skills to help God’s people in every walk of life have better access to the treasures of God’s Word.

They wanted to use the latest and greatest in technology to create tools for taking people deeper into Bible study than they ever thought possible.

“Advanced Technology for Eternal Truth”

Before anything else, we have a passion for God’s Word. In order to help you get the most from God’s Word, we relentlessly push technology to the limits, and make sure we are always up on the latest and greatest. 

It is that passion that keeps everyone at Logos pushing technology forward. It is that passion that keeps us experimenting with the latest software and tools out there wherever they come from. It is that passion that ensures that your Logos Bible Software will continue to get better and better.

We promise that we will continue to push technology to the limits to make studying the Bible deeper, easier and better in every way possible.

Really, we are serious about this!

The most obvious benefit of our passion to help you get the most out of your Bible study is the ever-improving Logos Bible Software engine (the Libronix Digital Library System).Our passion for making sure we are up on the latest and greatest technology ensures that you have uninterrupted access to the best Bible study software in the world even when Microsoft releases new operating systems like Windows Vista, and new browsers like Internet Explorer 7. The latest version of Logos Bible Software is ready for both: Get it now.

Honestly, there is no catch!

Keeping up to date with the core engine in Logos Bible Software doesn’t cost a thing. There is no reason not to download the latest version and stay current. Take a moment and make sure you are using the latest and greatest in technology by updating your engine for free: http://www.logos.com/support/download/30update 

Experience just how far our passion has taken us…

There is no catch to the download. You can make sure you have the latest core engine at no cost just like we mentioned above…

…but if you are looking to do more than just keep your software current with the latest operating systems, or you want to see just how far our passion has taken us to create extra tools and add-ins to bring you new ways to dig deeper, read on.

After you update your core engine you should check out the individually customized upgrade sale that is about to expire on collection upgrades. Download the update first, then if you want to jump light years ahead in your Bible study and add more great tools, add-ins and resources for pennies on the dollar, you should really check out our custom collection upgrades that are still on sale for just a month or so more at: http://www.logos.com/upgrade

Want a really cool story to tell your friends? 

You probably realize by now that we are passionate about making sure we stay on top of the latest and greatest technology so you will always have the best tools for Bible study right? Well, here’s a cool story you can tell your friends…

When we heard that Microsoft was going to start using a new technology called WPF for Windows Vista we just had to check it out. We wanted experience with this cool new technology to see if it could be used to make Bible study better. Our president had a great idea. He always wanted to have a really simple note-taking program to use at his desk and he also wanted the developers to have experience creating a real WPF application, so he told them to learn all they could about WPF and create an entire application from the ground up with the latest technology.

A little while later they completed one of the first applications ever for Microsoft Windows Vista that utilized the new WPF technology. The app. is called NoteScraps and it is really cool. If you use Vista or XP with .NET 3 you should really check it out: http://www.NoteScraps.com

The best part of this story is that our tiny little application is getting rave reviews all over the world from hard-core programmers who have no idea it was made by a Bible Software company! (several are actually high-level Microsoft employees.) Just do a search for “NoteScraps” and you will see that in just a few days word has spread like wildfire.

Ok, did we say that last paragraph was the best part? We were wrong…

The “best” part of our new secular mass-market technology release is not just the fun of secretly knowing that our Bible Software programmers made something that is being respected and enjoyed by people who would never have anything to do with us otherwise…

The “best” part is knowing that all the money we make selling copies to those same people, who would never in their wildest dreams support a Bible Software company, will go back into making the best Bible Software in the world for you, so someday you can share the treasures of God’s Word with them! 🙂

If you want to share in our little secret and have your own fun, go ahead and “spread the word” about NoteScraps to your local paper or favorite technology blogger/reviewer. Who knows, maybe the money generated from your spreading of the word will be used to “spread the WORD” somewhere else.

We aren’t asking you to buy one thing, and we know this may not be businesslike to say, but why not share our excitement and dream for just one minute with us! Wouldn’t it be so great… if the money spent to buy NoteScraps by Joe, an unsaved soul… went back into making better Bible Software that was used by Larry… to study God’s plan of salvation and witness to his unsaved friend Joe (who happened to have purchased NoteScraps ten years ago)… and God used that to save Joe. –How cool would that be?

Spread the word: http://www.NoteScraps.com

Want to let the world know that God’s Word pushes technology to new heights?

Right now we have a rare opportunity to show the secular world in a very public way that we take the Bible seriously and that just because we are Bible Software developers, it doesn’t mean that people who care about the Bible can’t be the best at what they do in any field.

Logos has been selected as a finalist in the WSA (formerly the Washington Software Alliance) “Heroes of Industry” awards for “Consumer Product of the Year” out of more than 1,000 software companies representing a total of more than 50,000 employees.

In case you didn’t know, Washington has a lot of very prestigious software companies. Just take a look at some of the companies that are members of WSA: Microsoft, Nintendo America, RealNetworks, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Accenture, Adobe, ADP, Ernst & Young, Onyx Software Corporation, and Sun Microsystems just to name a few. 

Whether we win for “Consumer Product of the Year” or not is up to the official judges, but right now you can let your voice be heard by voting for Logos Bible Software as the “Community Choice” winner.

If you would like to show your support, simply create an account and vote for us.

You will have to create an account here: http://tinyurl.com/2xwosz

Next, vote for Logos Bible Software here: http://tinyurl.com/27vhhu

Thank you for being a part of our family!

We are so glad you are a part of the Logos family and we hope you can deeply feel and share our passion for God’s Word and relentlessly pursuing “Advanced Technology for Eternal Truth”.



  1. Thanks, Paul!

    Glad you’re enjoying Logos…it certainly is true that we devote considerable energy and expense to make sure that tools for Bible study are all they can be for the glory of God.

    I’m already looking forward to revealing some of the cool, new projects that are in the works!

    Daniel Foster
    Logos Bible Software

  2. Daniel,

    Thanks for all the work you guys do at keeping up with the tech. and the work that you do to keep us informed. I also am looking forward to some cool new projects coming out. Consider this blog as a LOGOS friend and promoter.


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