Like a Breath of Fresh of Air…

… it is spring Training time again. As regular readers know we have been counting down the days for a long time.  It is finally here, in those words that can always bring a smile to my face, pitchers and catchers have reported.  The baseball world will now being to move again, and the questions surrounding this new season are numerous.  It will be fun to see how everything plays out.  In an interesting side note the Reds are going to a new uniform this year that looks an a lot like their uniforms from the big red machine days.  And for my local reader I think that it is going to be another rough “year of building” for the D-Rays.  But a rough year for the D-Rays is not so bad, because in the end it is baseball.  They may lose 95 games, but they will be our team (at least for now). 

In the near future I plan on introducing my daughter to Spring Training first hand, so keep an eye out here for pictures.