Demand #6: Listen to Me

what-jesus-demands-from-the-world.jpgAs you can see in the “What I am Reading” section of the sidebar I am currently reading Piper’s book “What Jesus Demands From the World.” So far this has been a wonderful read, and I would give it my highest recommendation. If you want to learn about Jesus, what He taught, and what He demands from the world then this is the book from you. I think that it is interesting that Piper decided to use only the teaching of the 4 Gospels rather than the whole NT. He explains this decision in the introduction. Part of his goal in doing this is give a “rendering of Jesus almost entirely through the lens of his own words as recorded in the Gospels.” This book is tailor made for a group study; which I would love to do with this book. I hope to do a more in depth post on this book in the future but for today I will just give you a taste of the book from chapter 6.

Demand #6: Listen to Me
Reasons to listen to Jesus:

  • No one ever spoke like this man.
  • Jesus speaks the very words of God.
  • Jesus’ words silence supernatural powers.
  • Jesus has the words of eternal life.
  • Jesus’ words awaken faith.

This is just a taste of a wonderful book that will be helpful to all people at any spiritual level.