The State of the Union

bush5.jpgI had to work last night so I was unable to see the President’s speech live. I have caught a good amount of it on-line, and read other parts of it. My initial reaction is positive; especially that part about not raising taxes! I also think that if we want to get out of Iraq then we need to go over there in full force and wipe out our enemies. Some of the issues that Bush brought up, i.e. earmarks, are good ideas but will never happen.  I really would like to get that tax cut for health insurance, but I am not sure about giving out grants for health insurance.  I really think that the health savings accounts are the way to go.  The only way that our government can right the ship is if we get away from the entitlement mentality of the government, and promote personal responsibility.  This mentality of entitlement at the expense of personal responsibility is a major cultural problem that we as Christians are facing.  It is more than just a hindrance on the government; it is a hindrance on the spread of the gospel.

Of course I had many other thoughts as I was listening to the speech, but at times it was hard for me focus. It was not because it was boring, or I do not have the attention span for it. No, it was because Nancy Pelosi was blinking 35 times a second. Didn’t notice it, go see the video here.