It is great to be a Florida Gator!

2007 National Champions 


There was a lot of talk going into yesterday’s game about who should be there. Most people doubted that the Gators had earned a spot on the field with OSU. Pretty much everyone (Not me) expected the Gators to get destroyed. Now, the day after, it is clear that not only did the Gators deserve the chance to play OSU but they were just plain better. Better to the tune of 41-14.

Reggie Nelson, in his post-game interview, was correct in saying that SEC football is superior to BigTen football (or any other conference). That is why a one loss team from the SEC was way better than an undefeated team from the BigTen.
The Gators did everything they had to do in order to be called champions; including playing a championship schedule all year (which Boise St. did not do), winning their conference (which Mich. did not do), and defeating the Buckeyes.  


Yet again we are at the end of the season crowning the Gators as the National Champions of their sport, and I will be walking around all day humming “The Boys of Old Florida.” 

We are the boys from old Florida
F – L – O – R – I – D – A
Where the girls are the fairest,
the boys are the squarest
of any old state down our way. (hey)


We are all strong for old Florida,
down where the old Gators play.
In all kinds of weather,
we’ll all stick together. for
F – L – O – R – I – D – A



  1. Paul, I am sure you are very excited today, as are Jason and our dads! I actually stayed awake to the end of the game and celebrated with Jason, aren’t you proud?
    We saw your front door on Sunday and now, of course, Jason wants to hang banners on our front door when we move. Thanks a lot! Ha Ha

  2. I am still down right giddy about it. And you can tell Jason that the banner’s are cool, but when the wind starts blowing they can be a pain.


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