“All I Owe”

In stark contrast to the last musical post I did, I have recently discovered the music of Matthew Smith. Quite frankly I am a little disappointed that I did not discover Smith’s music earlier. Smith is a part of the Indelible Grace group (including Derek Webb, and Sandra McCracken), and has several of his own albums.

The album I have, and already treasure, is titled “All I Owe.” You probably will not find his music at the local Christian book store, however you can do what I did and download his music off of I-Tunes, or you can purchase it directly from the indelible grace store. You can hear several of the songs on this album for free here.What I find ironic is in the same week that I heard the “PCC’s ode to human free-will” for the first time I also heard Matthew Smith’s “My Lord I Did Not Choose You.” Here are the words to one of the verses:

My Lord I did not choose You
For that could never be
My heart would still refuse You
Had You not chosen me
You took the sin that stained me
Cleansed me, made me new
Of old You have ordained me
That I should live in You.


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  1. Hello, Paul… I see you have discovered a great song. As you know, Matthew Smith didn’t write it, but he did a good job of singing it. It was written by Josiah Conder in 1836. My favorite version is by Tonya Betz.

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