New’s Year Resolutions

Happy New Year to all. I hope that you will forgive my holiday absence; it was a wonderful time for me to spend with my family and blogging did not fit into the schedule. I am afraid that this week may not be much better. I have several post that I wrote over the break that are ready to posted during the week, but besides that I am trying to keep my nose above the water this week. Today I simply want to encourage you to be reflective in your New’s Years Resolutions. I do not think that I could put it any better than Nathan Busenitz did over at Pulpit Magazine. If you are thinking about what you want your 2007 to look like let me encourage you to read these two articles:

A New Year’s Top Ten List (Part 1)
A New Year’s Top Ten (Part 2)

After you read these you may want to make your way over and read “The Resolutions” of Jonathan Edwards.