Football Friday

After a long week my mind is tired, and I only have the time and energy for a quick sports post.  As the debate over the BCS rages on, here are some of my thoughts: 

For all of you who are unhappy about the BCS this year I can sympathize. However I have a hard time with those who say that UF does not deserve a shot to play for the title. When you look at what they did this year you have to admit, without taking anything away from Michigan, that they derserve a shot .

The talk now is of a playoff, which I would love to see. I personally would love to see a 4 team playoff. That way, by limiting the teams that make it to the playoff, the regular season is still just as important as it is now. To me this preserves something great about NCAA football; the enormous impact that every single game has. But as I thought about it the truth of the matter is that we already had a four team playoff this year. Look at the top 4 teams:

  1. OSU
  2. UF
  3. UM
  4. LSU

These four teams had their playoff this year. OSU won their bracket beating UM, and UF won their bracket beating LSU. This, and the fact that I am a huge UF fan, is why I am satisfied with the two teams that are playing for it all this year.