Smile for the Camera


If a picture of my daughter is worth a thousand words then I can’t even tell you how many words I would need for my daughter herself.  What a blessing it is to be a father.  One of the most amazing things about being a father is that as I see my parental shortcomings I realize that my heavenly Father does not have these shortcomings.  This is why it is my prayer and priority that Rebecca may love her heavenly Father, and be adopted into his eternal family.  Which reminds me…


…I will not be posting tomorrow so I want to give an early “birthday shout out” to my little sister. Tomorrow she will be 2.  Grace came into our lives earlier this year when my parents brought her home from China, and the family has not looked back since.  Our love for Grace has grown every day, and to see her grow and mature has been a joy.  To think of where see was, and where she is now is emotional.  The greatest thing that has happened to Grace through all of this is that she is now exposed to the Gospel on a regular basis.  In China there was seemingly no hope for her, but God in His wisdom decided to bring Grace to us.  Hopefully Grace’s adoption is a first step toward her adoption into God’s family.