Our Philosophy of Youth Ministry

Here is short paragraph that we use at our church to summarize our philosophy of youth ministry.  Pay careful attention to our position on a ministry of the word.

The Grace Bible Church Youth Group, under the authority of the GBCB Elders, is committed to the teaching of God’s Word as its primary function. The purpose of the GBCB Youth Group is the discipling of the 7th through 12th grade students of GBCB helping them to be God-glorifying students while preparing them for Christian leadership in the home (as spouses and parents), in the Church (as part of the Body of Christ), and in the community (as ambassadors for Christ in a lost and dying world). The teaching of God’s Word will be the methodology used to accomplish these goals. Proper function of the student within the Church body must be encouraged through the process of Biblical discipleship. It is the aim of the Youth Group that as part of the discipleship process opportunities will be provided for the individual student to serve each other within the GBCB Youth Group, serve GBCB as a whole, and serve the community impacting it for Christ. These service opportunities (both physical, and spiritual) should provide the students with the opportunity to practice the Biblical doctrines that have been taught to them. It will be the desire of the GBCB Youth Group that through the regular teaching of God’s Word and service to Christ, the students will develop a holistic Christian Worldview thus preparing them for Christian life and leadership.