More Computer Problems

If my post are less frequent in the next few days it is because I am going through some computer problems.  I am going to have to restore the entire OS and hopefully that will get me back on-line.  This seem so familiar (it is the exact date one year ago today that this happened to the same computer) …

For the time being take a look through the archives.  It has been interesting, since switching to wordpress, to see what post people are still looking at.  I am consistently amazed that my “Happy Anniversary” post for my parents continues to get a number of hits.  Apparently Fred’s Anniversary Quartet is a lot more famous than I thought.   Also, I still get a lot of hits on the Limited Atonement Series that I did.

On a separate note, it has been great to see the guys at Expository Thoughts get some attention.  The posts are flowing at an incredible rate.  Maybe, just maybe, Chris Pixley will take the time that he normally uses to post all those comments and actually throw an entire post together.  We will have to wait and see.