A Sad State of Affairs

*Warning the content of this post, and the links provided are of a graphic nature. Please be cautious in following the links.*

Politics have been all the rage lately. With the mid-term elections I am positive that we are all a little weary of political conversations. There is however and important political event occurring right now that Christians must be praying for. Yesterday the Supreme Court met to consider the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, passed by Congress and signed by the President in 2003. Forget about the judicial powers conversation, and the political impact of this decision. What is on the line is far greater than these issues; it is the lives of children nation wide. The question is, are we going to be a culture that accepts this brutal practice?

If you are not familiar with how Partial-Birth Abortion I would cautiously encourage you to look at this site for an explanation (It is too graphic for me to post on my site. I would caution you to be careful it is very graphic. Right now I am literally nauseated from what I have seen.). Basically, in the third term of pregnancy the doctor will pull the baby into the birthing canal. When the child’s head is only a couple of inches away from breaching the doctor will cut a hole in the back of the baby’s head. The result is death.

5 weeks ago today my little one, Rebecca Lynne, was born. I will never forget seeing her little head as my wife was in labor (I was the first one to see it!). It brings me to tears to think that there are doctors all over the country who see that little head for the first time and then use their cut hole in the back of their had to kill them.

We must pray that the Supreme Court will uphold this act, and prevent this awful thing from ever happening again. A Ruling is not expected until next year, thankfully that leaves us with plenty of opportunities to take this before the Lord.