Christians and Politics

I think that there are many things that could be said about Christians and Politics. That being said, I do not wish to cover this issue in depth. I simply want to give an encouragement to my readers (who are predominantly Christians) concerning tomorrow’s vote. It is understandable to be frustrated with the Evangelical movement that has placed politics on a pedestal that it never deserved to be on. However, we cannot let our frustration swing us into sin on the opposite end of the spectrum. As Christians we have been called to make an impact in our community. We have been given god-given wisdom through Scripture, and our culture needs that wisdom. We must be the leaders in our community; not for a political agenda, but instead for an eternal kingdom. I encourage you to get informed on the issues, vote, and pray that God gives you the opportunity to share the wisdom of His Gospel in the process.

If you need some help on the issues try this site. It is not the Gospel, but it can aid you as you attempt to think through the issues.

*I would be interested in hearing how many of you plan on voting. And If you are not voting, then why not?*