The World through Cards colored lenses

200px-mlb-ws_7361.gifToday, instead of the planned post on James, we will be having the first guest post in the history of Cup of Coffee Talk (and he doesn’t even know it yet). This is not the normal content here, but it is post-season baseball! I can’t help but get into the action.

The following is an excerpt of an e-mail from the, now famous, Jason Bruns. Jason is the biggest Cardinals fan that I know of (sorry Tim Ellsworth).


1. Preston Wilson/Juan Encarnacion walking toward the plate with a bat in their hands, two outs, and runners on base

(I would like to add here that Jason did not need to write “with a bat in their hands” since the results would be the same if they went to the plate with no bat)

2. Preston Wilson/Juan Encarnacion flailing at three pitches with their eyes closed and walking away from the plate with the bat in their hands, leaving runners on base

3. Juan Encarnacion doing anything

4. Brandon Inge playing third base like he has a skillet strapped to his glove hand (how is that guy always on “web gems?” I have been literally overwhelmed by how much he stinks at playing third base)

5. the tigers fans that have their faces painted like they are a part of the cast of “Cats” (dude, you know the baseball gods hate that)

6. Magglio Ordonez’ perm

7. as a cards fan—seeing carlos guillen coming to the plate in any situation (that guy’s a ballplayer—totally underrated)

8. the “jeff weaver squint”

9. yadi catching that foul tip in [a bad spot] in game two

10. baseball in football weather