Pagan Fatalism

fisherofmen.JPGThe saga of Rep. Mark Foley has taken yet another turn as it resurfaces in the new’s cycle today. The latest story is that Foley was the victim of an inappropriate relationship with a RCC priest. Quite frankly there are a handful of reasons why this latest story should be revolting from the perspective of a Christian World View, but I only want to look at one reason why this story makes me sick.

It is quite convenient that this story has come out now. I am NOT saying that Foley is lying and that he was not victimized. I am also NOT saying that being the victim of a crime of this nature is easy to overcome. What I AM saying is that Rep. Foley is now using this as an excuse for his behavior. Here is a quote from one of Foley’s lawyers:

“We’re talking about issues that happened 36 to 38 years ago,” Richman said. “This is all part of the healing process for Mark Foley. He thinks it’s important to go ahead and bring this information out and hope and encourage other people who have been similarly abused to go ahead and come forward.”

What I find interesting is that the healing process for Rep. Foley did not begin until he was caught doing exactly what he, allegedly, was the victim of. Quite frankly I am disgusted by Foley and his actions, but what is almost as bad is that fact that people will actually accept this “excuse.” It is just another example of what I call pagan fatalism. In other words, because of the events of Foley’s childhood he had no control over his actions as an adult. Pagan fatalism is rampant in our society. Everywhere people are using the mistakes of their parents, and circumstances of their life as an excuse for their actions.

I do not wish to sound cold hearted, however this is a totally unbiblical way of looking at life. Sure, their are things that happen to children that are almost beyond imagination. But we should not give up on a person because even in the worst of circumstances. This does not mean that all those who take advantage of this redemption will automatically overcome their previous lives, but it does mean that they can hope in the power of God to change their lives.

Look at this quote from Mary Ross Agosta from the Miami Archdiocese:

“The Archdiocese of Miami prays that Representative Mark Foley realizes he is not alone in his journey to recovery; the Holy Spirit is his guiding light.”

Mark Foley has proved, by his unwillingness to repent, that the Holy Spirit is not his guiding light. It is tragic that he, and those who accept pagan fatalism, do not have the hope of the Glory of Christ.

Romans 15:13
Now may the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.