Brandon Biblical Theology Conference

logo_2006_bbtc_small.jpgThis year’s Brandon Biblical Theology Conference is in full swing. My participation in this year’s conference has been limited, but with good reason. Because of our new little one, Rebecca Lynne, I have made only a couple of the lectures. One by Dr. Robert Reymond, and the other by Phillip Johnson. These two lectures alone have been enough to keep my mind working, even on my vaction.

Since I am not Tim Challies, and I have not been at all the lectures I am not planning on doing any conference blogging. Instead, I will send you over to expostiory thoughts were Chris Pixley is doing his best to keep everyone up to date.

Make sure you keep up to date on the info Chris provides, and keep an eye out for the audio to be made available in the coming days. These will be lectures that you will want to have…