HRs, Red Flags, and May

Since today is Friday I think I will give us all a break and post a few scattered thoughts.  This way no one will be forced to use too much of their brain muscle.


I had been planning on doing an entire post on Ryan Howard’s pursuit of Maris, and how we should view the current single seasons records in light of the steroid era.  However, Tim Ellsworth beat me to it.  It isn’t easy keeping up with the blogging machine that is Tim Ellsworth

Red Flags

It is not all that often that I agree with John Madden- probably because it is hard to agree or disagree with “wam,” “boom,” or “yowy” –  but last night I couldn’t help but give ole John an amen.  I am talking about when Nick Saben couldn’t get the refs attention for a replay.  Clearly he would have won the replay, and at least temporarily would have kept the Pittsburg Offense out of the EndZone.  Instead of oliver-twist.jpgchucking the flag as far has he could at the ref or yelling and screaming he stood there like Little Oliver Twist (this maybe too much culture for some you football fans out there) asking for seconds.

                       Please sir, a replay?

I don’t think that Nick will make that mistake. 

On a side note I think that it would have been very entertaining to see John Gruden under the same circumstances. 



cake.jpgYesterday was a very interesting day for me.  I went to work last night only to find that my boss, and my wife had collaborated to throw a surprise baby shower for me.  Needless to say it was the first baby shower that I have ever been to. And despite the slight awkwardness of being surprised, and being at a baby shower it was very nice.  I say all that only to tell you about the cake we had.  It was a very nice cake, and it tasted great.  The only problem was the name on the cake.  My wife and I are keeping the name of our new daughter a secret from everyone (including family) so my boss did not know what to put on the cake.  Knowing that I work at the church during the day, my boss told the cake decorator to put a biblical name on the cake.  Out of all the biblical names that could have been chosen the decorator put “MAY” on the cake.  Now I don’t know what Bible she was looking at, but “MAY?”  Just another example of biblical illiteracy.