James 3:18


I hope that you all had a restful, and prductive long weekend.  What a blessing it is that God has provided us with lesuire time.  I hope that we appreciate that time and use it for God’s glory.  Whether we are recharging our batteries for the labor ahead of us, or using our time to participate in some ministry I pray that the American Church would be able to use its leasuire time for the Kingdom.Today’s post will be a short one.  I want to wrap up James 3:13-18 with v. 18.

Verse 18 is a difficult passage both to translate, and to interpret.  I think that John MacArthur was on the right track when he said:

 In any case, the basic idea is clear: There is an inexorable causal relationship between godly wisdom, genuine righteousness, and peace. Godly wisdom produces a continuing cycle of righteousness, which is planted and harvested in a peaceful, harmonious relationship between God and His faithful people and between those people themselves. As Isaiah declared,


“The work of righteousness will be peace, and the service of righteousness, quietness and confidence forever” (Isa. 32:17).[1]  

Really in this verse we have the ultimate result of godly wisdom.  The seed of wisdom produces the fruit of righteousness and peace in the lives of those who make peace.  This is what Biblical wisdom is all about.  It is practical, and it results in righteousness. 

[1]MacArthur, J. (1998). James. Chicago, Ill.: Moody Press.