Happy Anniversary

happy-anniversary.jpgToday is my parent’s anniversary.  I am sure that Dad has sung the “happy anniversary song” to my mom. But if not, here goes: “happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, Hap—–py anniversary!” (insert tune of the William Tell Overture; that is the lone Ranger for all of you uncultured blog readers).

This song is, as you should know, Fred Flintstone’s song for William on their anniversary.  In fact, It was Fred and the “Happy Anniversary Quartet” that sung the song.


Once again, Fred has forgotten to buy wedding anniversary present for Wilma. In his haste to find an appropriate gift at a cut-rate cost, Fred purchases a “bargain” Stoneway piano from a gent named 88 Fingers Louie. Unbeknownst to Fred, the piano has been stolen–which explains why the cops descend upon the Flintstone household just as Wilma is getting her gift. This is the episode in which the interminable ditty “Happy Anniversary” is sung (to the tune of “The William Tell Overture”) by a quartet of musical policemen. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Happy Anniversary Moma & Dad!