110 MPH Fastball

I know that I am in the middle of posting on seekers, but I just could not help but post this article today instead. I had always thought that Nolan Ryan was the hardest thrower ever, with Bob Feller as a close second. This article presents a third candidate.

The baddest, fastest, fiercest fastball anybody ever saw came from the left arm of a man you’ve probablysteve_dalkowski-nbla-sized.jpg never heard of. His name is Steve Dalkowski. He is 5 feet 11, 67 years old and dealing with the effects of alcoholism in a Connecticut nursing home.“I pitched against Ted Williams when I was 18,” Dalkowski says now. “He came out, and he tells me he couldn’t see the ball. I tell him, ‘It went right under your nose.’ ”

Some swear his fastball reached 110 mph, maybe even 115. Earl Weaver, Pat Gillick and Bobby Cox are among many who still say nobody’s ever thrown faster. Dalkowski’s terrible control — he once lost a one-hitter 9-8 because he walked 17 — and an elbow injury kept him from ever throwing a big-league pitch.

I love to hear baseball stories like this. This is what separates baseball from other sports in America. There is no other sport with the history, and the lure, and the legend that baseball has.

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(I feel like Tim Ellsworth)


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