Tuesday Sports Short: “The Strangest Scorecard Ever”

For those of you who have ever kept score at a baseball game try this one on for size.

Dale Holman was at one time a top minor-league player. Holman played for numerous teams, and was never able to establish himself as a big-league ball player. Holman, the eternal prospect, always hit well at every level of the minors. Every year teams would talk about Holman, but all of his potenial never materialized. Why you ask would anyone care about Dale Holman? Well, Holman is the central figure of one baseball’s most unusual stories.

On June 30th, 1986 Holman was playing for the Syracuse Chiefs, then the AAA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. The Chiefs were playing the Richmond Braves (In a game that the NCAA executives would not approve of), the AAA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, in an International league game. Early in the game Holman came up to bat, and with two men on base laced a double that would plate both runs. A short time later the game was suspended and scheduled to be completed at a later date.

Following that nights game, in appreciation for his 2 RBI’s, Holman was released. Holman was then signed by, you guessed it, the Richmond Braves.

Several day later, when the game was scheduled to be completed, Holman was inserted into the outfield to complete the game as a Brave. Holman would single and double in his 2 trips to the plate for the Braves that night. When the final Box Score was compiled, it showed a very rare statistical oddity: Dale Holman had collected a hit for two opposing teams in the same game!

The Bat used by Holman to record his two infamous hits.



  1. I became friends with Dale Holman while he was playing for the Chiefs in Syracuse. While I did not see the start of the game in question, I was present when the suspended game was resumed several weeks later in Syracuse. While there was some mention at the time of this unusual feat,it was just good to see Dale catch on again in Triple-A. He was a good hitter, who even authored a book on the art of hitting. I believe the book was released the very day, or day before, he was released by Syracuse. Dale was a terrific guy, one with a lot of humility and a great sense of humor.

  2. thanks for stopping in Dave. this is one of my favorite baseball stories to tell, and now I can say that it has been authenticated by a close friend of Dale Holman.

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